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In-Water Coaching and Video Review Sessions

In-Water Coaching is mainly directed toward beginners and intermediate surfers who are either surfing for the first time or need more direction in the water. Either Jake or another one of our coaches will be in the water with you, helping you further understand the fundamentals of surfing. 

Video Review Sessions are for intermediate and advanced surfers who are able to surf on their own, but need guidance on form and perfecting their skills. Our professional videographer will film your entire session while your coach will be on the beach taking notes. At the end of your session, Jake or another one of our coaches will review the footage themselves. Then together you will review and discuss what you need to adjust and improve on.

Beyond Surf trains surfers of all ages and levels! Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional surfer, we will coach and help you improve your surfing to the next level! Beyond Surf's goal is to bring you to your greatest potential as a surfer. You can and will become the best!

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Beginner In-Water Coaching

In-water coaching includes Jake or another one of our surf coaches physically being in the water with you either helping you catch your first wave, teaching you how the ocean and waves work, and mainly understanding the basic fundamentals of surfing. This can include learning to, "Pop up", "staying low", and controlling your board. Wetsuits and soft boards will be available for beginner surfers who do not have any equipment. There is nothing more exciting than to experience your first time standing up on your board. And we are honored to share that experience with you!

Intermediate In-Water Coaching

Our In-Water Coaching is great for intermediate-level surfers of all ages! The goal is to help you understand the line-up and where the waves break. Doesn’t matter if you are an intermediate or a professional surfer, we will teach you how to properly read the ocean. The greatest and one of the most important skills any surfer must acquire is reading the waves and understanding which direction the wave will break. It’s important to be taught and to fully understand the fundamentals of surfing, no matter what level of surfing you are at. Always go back to the basics!

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Video Review Sessions

Video Review Sessions are perfect for someone who can surf on their own but is struggling with progressing to the next level. In addition to the 1.5-hour session, there will be 20 minutes after the session of actual video review and critiquing of the footage. Thus your session will be close to 2 hours total. Your coach will be on the beach taking notes while our professional surfing videographer takes continuous feeds of your every movement in the water. After your session in the water, your coach will analyze your performance in the footage to then give feedback on what you did well and what to improve on. We usually bring our client in 1-2 times throughout the session to discuss what you need to work on so that you can progress effectively. This could include working on technique, timing, and any other things we see on the video review.