Jake's clinics are hands down the best! Not only in San Diego, but anywhere! I was looking to improve my surfing so I would be confident going out to surf solo, be able to read waves on my own, and learn how to do some turns-which he has helped with all of this. He not only gave helpful tips at the beach and the video review sessions, but he is very positive which makes it a safe and fun environment. Working with Beyond Surf has drastically improved my confidence out in the water just after two clinic weekends. By seeing myself surf on video, I could really see what was holding me back and what I was doing well. The video made me realize just how many small and simple things I could adjust to make a big difference in my surfing. I highly recommend booking a session or signing up for a clinic. You won't regret it! Thanks for the coaching! Thanks to the videographer too! Thanks for bringing together many female surfers in the community.


I had been surfing for a year, and when I look back, after coaching with Jake, I ask myself what was I doing for that year?! I waited too long to get coached on what surfing is really about. After one clinic, I saw a massive improvement and I had more direction on what to be thinking about. I learned what to focus on, how to understand the waves better, and I just had a lot more fun because of it!


Jake is an incredible surf coach. He brings great energy and positivity to every session. He is great at helping you build confidence, and at constructive critiques that help you identify and work on your weaknesses. I am already a much more confident surfer from just a couple lessons and am looking forward to working with him going forward. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve and have fun doing it!


It's a really nice camp because there is filming and coaching. Jake is a really good coach. And I'm doing this camp to improve on getting more vertical snaps and stuff like that. It's pretty sick!

Magno Schrantz

I have worked with Jake Halstead for about 3 years. He has given me insight and strategy on being a competitive surfer. We worked on time management and heat strategy during training. He taught me the mental game of the competition. If you want to learn the competitive side of surfing, such as being a strong competitor both mentally and physically, then Jake is your man!


Today my goal was to do a big "Jake Halstead layback" and I did that. Super stoked!

Harlan Birch

Jake is a wonderful coach. He is super positive and supportive while at the same time giving insightful critiques. I've been able to make real progress due to his help.